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Trusted Manager

A coaching program for Front Line Managers

Our Trusted Manager program delivers step change in operational performance. It’s the difference between transformation being delivered and sustained, and failure. Failure to invest effectively in front line management competence is one of the biggest misses in business today. 

Trust is the foundation of the most successful companies. Behaviours that build trust are the same as those required to lead through change. Front line managers are typically promoted because they are highly competent workers, not because they are good managers and leaders with the right competencies and behaviours. Combine this with the lack of understanding around ‘what good looks like’ for the role of a front-line manager, the lack of effective learning and development to equip managers to build and retain trust and it is easy to understand why teams are not engaged and delivering to their potential!

At Atlantic Insight, we firmly believe that the heart of any successful business lies within its people. Innovation, growth, and exceptional performance are all driven by a team that’s empowered, skilled, and motivated. This belief forms the core of our Trusted Manager program – a people-centric methodology that enables the acceleration of operational performance improvement through the investment in front-line management – their skills, knowledge, tools, mindset, and behaviours. The right investment creates a front-line management community that enables their teams to successfully deliver their mission.

The need for equipped and trusted leadership to navigate ‘change’, the new business as usual, has never been higher. Imagine an army attempting to achieve its mission without competent NCOs. It doesn’t bear thinking about. In these times of health and economic challenges, navigating change requires trusted leadership at the forefront. Front line managers hold the keys to effective transformation. At Atlantic Insight our mission is clear. The Trusted Manager programme swiftly empowers front line management with the knowledge, skills, tools, and mindset to lead and coach their teams to successfully deliver the mission.

We recognise the pivotal role line managers play in implementing successful change and delivery of operational goals. Drawing from our research, and experience over the last 30 years, we’ve designed the Trusted Manager program specifically for them. This program seamlessly integrates learning, coaching, and support, equipping line managers with the tools, knowledge, skills, and experience they need to lead effectively and inspire their teams.

Trusted Manager cultivates an environment where innovation thrives, driven by the collective brilliance of your team. Through engaging, upskilling, and motivating your front-line colleagues and management teams, Trusted Manager delivers step change in operational performance.

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Trusted Manager - Atlantic Insight Services

Trust is a core human need. Trust is the foundation of the most successful companies. Behaviours that build trust are the same as those required to lead through change. And let’s face it ‘change’ is the new normal as companies are now constantly required to respond rapidly to new competitors, regulation, technology, pandemics, supply shocks, and subsequent impact on customer behaviours and preferences. Change is constant and needs to be managed successfully on multiple fronts if an organisation and its leadership, and management teams are to build and retain trust.

When there is a ‘trust divide’ it is often the result of disconnects between structure (policy, process, and system), and people. Locating and fixing these disconnects is critical. Many organisations declare they are irresistible places to work but when we walk in the shoes of the employee what is revealed often falls short.

Over two to three weeks we walk in the shoes of the employee so that we can compare the declared human experience versus the real human experience revealed through our Human Experience Assessment and Reveal (HEAR) methodology and framework. We evidence the gaps (declared versus revealed) internally and externally versus best practice models. The potential for improvement is quantified and the readiness for change is assessed. This informs the recommendations, roadmap for implementation, evidences the need for change and provides the inputs to write the Trusted Manager program business case.

We define the skills, knowledge, competencies, and behaviours expected from a front-line manager in your business. A set of timetabled routines, tasks and activities that need to be performed in a month is created including meetings and ad-hoc activities. This is a plan of the key activities the front manager will need to competently deliver on their commitments as a Trusted Manager.

Great human experiences are delivered. A remarkable human experience is pivotal for attracting, developing, and retaining top talent. At its core, the human experience reflects how individuals perceive and interact with the organisation throughout their career journey. Collaborating with you, we design a comprehensive human experience, that ensures a targeted and engaging experience at every stage of the colleague journey – from role discovery to alumni status. Along the way we identify and fix the disconnects between ‘structure’ and ‘people’.

In today’s rapidly evolving business landscape, traditional approaches to operational improvement fall short. That’s where the Trusted Manager program comes in. We support first line managers to learn best practice and then coach them to successfully apply their skills, knowledge, tools, and mindsets to become Trusted Managers. By placing people at the centre of change, the Trusted Manager program delivers sustainable results by making change irresistible.

Option One. We deliver

  1. Atlantic Insight will: Equip, Coach, Accredit and Sustain
  2. The Front-Line Manager will: Learn, Apply, Achieve and Perform


Option Two. We set-up and equip your team with the delivery capability

We partner with you to conduct the initial assessment and set up the programme.  We then equip your internal team to deliver the coaching program with support from our expert practitioners

  1. Atlantic Insight will: Set-Up & Equip
  2. The Client will: Coach, Assess and Sustain
  3. The Front-Line Manager will: Learn, Apply, Achieve and Perform

At the heart of operational success lies the ability to measure what truly matters, when it matters. Our KPI Selection & Definition process focuses on enhancing colleague and team performance by crafting a meaningful set of indicators. We collaborate closely to identify KPIs that resonate at the individual and team levels, providing immediate insights into progress and outcomes. By aligning these metrics with your organisation’s objectives, we enable data-driven decision-making that empowers your teams to take proactive steps, make informed choices, and drive continuous improvement.

Client Success Stories - Trusted Manager

The Atlantic Insight team has a thirty-year track record of improving colleague engagement and performance across a wide range of sales and operational domains, industries, and applications.

National Telco Next Generation Service Organisation | Securing the business case benefits through behavioural change

The service organisation as part of the wider corporate agenda had moved to a new operating model and organisation structure.  It had become clear to the leadership team that if they were to deliver the business case, they would need to invest in developing the capabilities and competence of front-line operational management. Delivery of forecasted improvements in customer satisfaction, and reductions in unit costs to serve were at risk.

An operational effectiveness review identified inconsistent and ineffective front line management behaviours and competence were adversely impacting their teams’ performance. This also amplified process and management system weaknesses. It was clear that front line managers needed to be equipped with the right tools, skills and knowledge, and mindset if they were going to competently lead and coach their teams through change. The resulting behavioural change program designed to enable front line management to become trusted managers delivered a capacity release equivalent to a £21m cost reduction and 6 percentage points improvement in customer satisfaction. Refinement of KPIs and dashboards, and work and quality management tools helped to embed a sustainable approach to performance improvement.

BPO IT Services | Managing the need to improve customer delight while optimising contract profitability by enhancing the ability of front-line management to lead and coach their teams through change

An operational effectiveness review evidenced the leadership team belief that a more consistent and competent approach to leading through change would not only improve customer satisfaction but also reduce the cost to serve and increase the organisation’s ability to manage the transition to the client’s next generation IT platforms. The leadership team were right. After equipping, coaching, and supporting front line management to actively manage their teams’ performance, first time fix rates improved by 150%, customer satisfaction was up 5%, complaints reduced by 33% and service levels increased by 10%.  The resulting capacity release of >25% enabled the business to have competent resource available to deliver the recently won new service contract.

Telco post-acquisition integration

A Trusted Manager program accelerated the post-acquisition integration of a customer service organisation that delivered productivity improvements of 27%. The implementation of an exemplar model Support Services function including structure, processes, and systems was a key enabler.

Creation of national customer care centre

A global transport organisation planned to enhance its position as market leader by consolidating 25 branch offices into a national customer care centre that would deliver improved customer service, productivity, and safety. A critical foundation and enabler of the transformation programme was behavioural change; the organisation needed to rapidly improve the behaviours, competence mindset of its front-line managers so they could actively manage and improve team and individual productivity. As a result, SLA performance improve 15 percentage points, time required per breakdown repair reduced by 12%, administration headcount reduced by 38% and field resource reduced by 15% by optimising routing and productivity improvements. The program improved competitive advantage, delivered financial benefits of >£6m and a ROI of 10:1.

Trusted Manager - Why partner with us?

The approach and methodology are tried and tested, flexible and scalable

We have successfully implemented for over 30 years by our team. It is focused on enabling front line managers to become competent and performant which in turn results in them becoming a Trusted Manager. The Trusted Manager program is proven to be both adaptable and scalable and can be delivered by our Trusted Manager expert practitioners, or we can equip your own team with delivery capability.

Our Trusted Manager expert practitioners have walked in your shoes

We work with you to tailor every aspect of the approach to develop a program that is aligned your mission and purpose, culture and values, and strategic objectives. Many of our expert Trusted Manager practitioners are former clients.  Our expertise is grounded in the practical wisdom of having walked in your shoes.

Trusted Manager delivers tangible business benefits through people.

New operating models, organisation structures, systems and processes enable change.  People deliver change.  Managers lead through change.  In coaching and supporting their teams to succeed they become Trusted Managers.

Measurable and return on investment (ROI)

Invest in your team's development with confidence, knowing that a Trusted Manager programme delivers a quantifiable ROI. Trusted Managers improve the Human Experience and unlock innovation, productivity improvement, customer and employee engagement and satisfaction, all of which translate into financial gains. A Trusted Manager program typically delivers productivity improvements of up to 25% and deliver profitability improvements (after costs) within 6 months. Based on annualised run rate benefits this typically equates to an ROI of at least 3:1

Strategic alignment, resilience, and agility

A Trusted Manager program enhances organisational resilience and agility, enabling swift adaptation to changing market demands and positioning your business for sustainable growth. Colleague development becomes aligned with mission, purpose, and strategic objectives.

Employee engagement and retention

Engaged employees are more committed and productive, resulting in reduced turnover costs and a positive impact on your company's overall reputation.

Empowered and trusted front line operational management

A management team equipped with the skills, knowledge, tools, and mindset to lead effectively. Trusted Managers drive innovation, optimise team engagement and performance, and maximise revenue opportunities.

Revenue growth and customer retention

A highly motivated and skilled team provides superior customer experiences, leading to increased customer loyalty and higher retention rates. Satisfied customers become advocates, driving new business and revenue growth.

Enhanced cost efficiency

Empowers colleagues to excel, resulting in streamlined processes and optimised resource utilisation. As operational efficiency improves, costs naturally decrease, contributing to healthier profit margins. This allows growth to be achieved with cost base increasing at a slower rate or remaining flat.

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