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360° Operational Review

A catalyst for accelerating operational performance improvement

Do you how know how much potential improvement within your business remains unlocked?

Identifying and realising that potential is the challenge facing every business leader today.

The Atlantic Insight 360° Operational Review is an evidence-based methodology that identifies the barriers to operational performance, quantifies the potential for improvement, develops recommendations selected from best practice and creates a roadmap for implementation of the solutions – typically in four to six weeks depending on the size and complexity

We are engaged by both high-performing and under-performing businesses that seek clarity in terms of the issues faced, management confidence in the way forward and increased speed of delivery

This approach has been used for challenges such as

  • Marketplace disruption, for example, tech-led changes to customer behaviour and expectations
  • Acquisitions struggling to deliver targeted value
  • Underperforming service operations and contracts that require rapid turnaround
  • Ineffective operational scaling and resourcing strategies
  • Underperforming divisions and operations with sales and or margin erosion driven by operational issues not being resolved
  • High performing businesses, divisions, and operations that have become complacent and stagnant

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Forecasting and Planning - Atlantic Insight Services

We conduct an in-depth analysis of your end-to-end operations planning tools and processes, benchmark them against industry best practices, and deliver actionable recommendations for improvement. Our prioritised solutions focus on providing you with significant and immediate benefits, streamlining efficiency, identifying commercial opportunities, and enhancing overall performance.

We specialise in perfecting your demand forecasting models and processes to avoid costly overstaffing and ensure customer satisfaction. With a blend of academic rigour and extensive real-world experience, we maximise forecast accuracy by selecting the optimum models, gaining valuable insights across your business, and fostering consensus-driven judgments. Our commitment doesn’t end there; we transfer forecasting knowledge and best practices to your analysts and the broader operation, empowering your team for sustained, ongoing success. Trust our expertise to optimise not only operational demand forecasting but also sales volume predictions and supply chain activities, including estimations for promotional campaigns.

Experience efficiency in your operational centre through our tailored resource requirement estimation models. Whether it’s inbound, outbound, administration, technical back office, email, webchat, or field-based work, our versatile models cover all domains and functions. With successful automation of various algorithms, including queueing theory, we deliver accurate resource projections that achieve target service levels at challenging yet achievable performance benchmarks. Our models allow you to test different assumptions and explore resource requirements and commercial outcomes across a range of scenarios.

Discover the perfect mix across customer satisfaction, employee engagement, and operational costs with an optimum scheduling framework. With extensive experience in various scheduling mechanisms, we tailor solutions to your specific needs, ensuring resources closely align with daily and interval requirement profiles.

Enhance your Resource Planning capability and adapt seamlessly to changing demands, be it customer behaviour, marketing activities, or other factors. We collaborate with you to develop and maintain long, medium, and short-term tools, ensuring efficient planning for recruitment, holidays, absences, meetings, breaks and lunches, aiming for consistent service levels across every interval. The result for your operation is a cost-effective alignment of resources meeting a varying demand, ensuring reliable service levels and operational excellence.

Benefit from our wealth of experience in implementing and optimising Workforce Management Systems (WFMs). Whether you require support in project management for a new WFM implementation or seek to unlock the full potential of your existing system, we’ve got you covered. With our expertise, your organisation can achieve WFM integration and harness the full value of these systems, streamlining operations, and maximising efficiency.

In fast-paced and complex operational environments, real-time control of queues and resources is crucial for achieving service level excellence. At Atlantic Insight, we specialise in guiding you through a real-time transformation, streamlining ownerships, processes and systems. Drawing from extensive practical knowledge, we apply the most effective techniques to optimise service levels, making the best use of available resources.

Gain a significant competitive advantage by harnessing the potential of a well-designed and efficient Support Services function. Our consultancy is dedicated to partnering with you in creating the optimum structure, identifying crucial capabilities to drive your desired outcomes. Drawing from extensive practical experience, we provide reliable insights into team optimisation, enabling the recruitment of top-tier leaders, analysts and administrators. Additionally, our tailored coaching programs will bolster the development of your forecasting, planning, real-time management, reporting, and analysis resources, empowering your team for success.

Achieve a robust budget plan, detailing the necessary resources and cost required to provide services and deliver excellent customer service. The submission of a budget can be difficult and complex, taking into account many different factors, including challenging and achievable performance targets, opportunities to automate and also risk factors. The creation of a budget can place a huge challenge on an operational leadership team, and often the necessary skills are not in place to deliver a full submission. Let us help by delivering a budget submission, with a full audit trail of assumptions, that supports excellent delivery of customer service.

Our client success stories - 360° Operational Review

We have significant demonstrable success in improving forecasting accuracy and resource planning in a wide range of industries and applications, including multichannel contact centre, administration centres, field operations, technical back office and knowledge centres. Here are just a few of our successes:

Transforming a leading US online university services business

In a recently acquired Online Programme Management business (B2B2C) the economics of student acquisition were adversely impacting profitability. The CFO and the CSO believed a radical re-design of the operating strategy and model was required. The Operating Strategy Review evidenced nine recommendations, the target operating model and a roadmap for implementation. Our approach enabled Senior Management to relinquish long-held beliefs centred around pre-digital dominated sales & service models and embrace a simplified approach better aligned to student preferences across a seamless multi-channel customer journey. The implementation of the recommended operating strategy and model enabled revenues and customer accounts to grow for 3 years without the need for further resource. Productivity of marketing and enrolment resources by improved by >60%. $10m+ annualized run-rate cost saving against the ‘As-Is’ scaling approach achieved. Board confidence was restored and resulted in further acquisitions.

Transforming a higher education sales team

The sale of higher education learning materials was transforming from a traditional book model to a digital solutions sales model. Customer behaviours and requirements were changing. Sales team effectiveness was low, and the customer experience was poor. Market and customer journey data analysis highlighted significant revenue leakage and customer churn. New sales opportunities were being missed. Capability and skill gaps were identified. The sales organisation resource requirements were modelled while introducing geo-spatial analytics to match resource & customer footprints. A re-structure & teaming of sales, pre-sales & support functions with shared goals and improved service wrapper was implemented. By upskilling pre-and post-sale support to provide a better customer experience, and aligning resource levels to the customer journey, field sales resource requirement reduced by 40% and post-sale resource increased by 100%.  Not only did customer churn levels reduce by >85%, but the overall cost of the sales function also reduced by 25%.

Accelerating service transformation in a global BPO

A leading global BPO house was concerned that the recent implementation of the next generation service model was not generating forecasted productivity improvements. As a result, operational management buy-in to the new way of working was extremely low. The 360° Operational Review evidenced the root causes of service level erosion, end user experience complaints and productivity challenges across front and back office and field organisations. Working with regional management improvement plans were implemented that resulted in targeted service and quality levels being achieved and productivity improvements of between 15% and 35%

Reversing the decline in revenue growth in an e-learning business

A high-stakes test prep and certification business started to experience slower rates of top line growth. Atlantic Insight were engaged to work with senior management team to create a growth plan which would better combat the market dominance of established players, grow market share, and accelerate growth rate to 25% YOY toward the coveted $100 million in revenues milestone.

Navigating market disruption for a professional & trade publishing division

For a business confronted by significant tech led market disruption resulting in changing customer behaviours we developed and then implemented a plan to align the cost base to market opportunities and create $50m headroom for investment in growth sectors.

Why partner with us?

At Atlantic Insight, we believe that effective forecasting and planning are key foundations for operational success. Our comprehensive methodologies are a product of years of expertise, a passion for innovation, and a dedication to unlocking your organisation’s true potential.

Value creation focus.

Our engagements are outcome focused and recommendations ROI based

Tried and tested methodology

Over 200+ successful engagements conducted

Partnership approach

We generate buy-in and enable transfer of skills and knowledge

Operator focus

We develop pragmatic solutions and get things done

We have walked in your shoes

Our team has a combination of industry and consulting expertise


Data-driven insights that give clarity and confidence when it matters most

Speed of delivery

A 360 operational review typically takes 4 to 6 weeks

Proven diagnosis tools & analytical capabilities

We unlock unique insights that inform the way forward

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