Ground Floor, Adamson House, Towers Business Park, Wilmslow Rd, Manchester M20 2YY

Our Story

Atlantic Insight was formed in 2010 to help businesses more effectively serve new markets and customers at a time of unprecedented technology led marketplace disruption resulting in changing customer behaviours and preferences.

Our engagements deliver improvements in operational effectiveness and customer engagement that result in enhanced financial performance and competitive advantage.

Among our clients are some of world’s leading professional and research publishing, education services and education technology organisations as well as more recently UK utility, retail and BPO companies.

At the heart of Atlantic Insight is the belief that successful, businesses, teams and individuals never stop learning.

We are specialists in enabling businesses, teams and individuals to learn from the evidence based, actionable insights we identify and to develop and implement solutions that enable them to succeed.

The combination of both industry and domain expertise ensures that we can bring insight, from both a customer and business perspective, to every challenge and opportunity.

In 2020, we incorporated Drakelow Consulting to boost our capability and offering in demand forecasting, resource planning and data analysis. We can also offer Drakelow’s successes in establishing value through improving the planning and performance of outsourced operations.

Our team’s empathetic and collegiate approach builds trust and delivers sustainable value for the businesses we serve, their customers and employees. We understand what it is like to work with consultants and how to leverage the value they bring.