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Analytics & Insight

Transform your data into valuable insight

Make effective decisions with confidence. Using leading technologies and best practice approaches, let us help you unlock the insight that enables knowledge to be gained and hypotheses to be tested, leading to significant gains in performance.

Within your organisation, you may believe there is an opportunity to improve operational performance, yet you are unable to pinpoint the causes of the inefficiencies. Perhaps performance measurement systems are in place, but they do not drive the required performance.

We are expert practitioners in the application of analytics and modelling techniques to help organisations make better informed, evidence-based decisions to improve operational performance. We can review and improve your existing reporting, analysis and modelling capability.

We have an extensive background in Operational Research – the application of modelling/analysis techniques to solve management and operational problems. Such techniques can unlock commercial benefits through optimum decision-making, efficient processes and revenue generation.

We maintain a network of analyst associates, so no matter what technique is best to achieve the outcome, we can provide the expertise to unlock the benefits.

We see our role as performing complex analysis and then creating understanding within your organisation. We then place its benefits in the hands of all operational areas. We love to produce compelling visualisations of opportunities and solutions. We pride ourselves in our ability to use analysis and evidence to demonstrate a clear way forward to commercial improvement.

The potential benefits resulting from an Analytics & Insight initiative are enormous: significant cost benefit and large improvements to customer satisfaction and revenue.

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Unlocking business excellence through Analytics & Insight: Atlantic Insight services

We excel in analysing data sets, extracting valuable nuggets of insight to fuel performance improvement. Whether dealing with extensive or smaller data sets, we employ sophisticated techniques to unveil meaningful insights. Hypothesis generation and testing validate anecdotal claims, enabling us to construct models that uncover performance drivers and optimisation levers. Our commitment to data visualisation ensures insights are conveyed effectively, advocating for transformative change.

Our process begins with a detailed understanding of your data and objectives. We can meticulously craft a balanced array of Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) using precise mathematical formulations referring to database elements. These definitions serve as clear guidelines for swift and accurate report generation, eliminating ambiguity. Through collaborative efforts, we ensure that the selected KPIs collectively maximise quality, efficiency, and revenue generation. This approach removes alternative pathways, focusing solely on achieving exceptional performance.

Our expertise extends to constructing performance dashboards that steer optimal behaviours within your operation. By collectively determining the content of each report and its intended audience, we ensure that the right insights drive enhanced performance. Moreover, we recommend the most suitable reporting platform for automated measure delivery. This culminates in a robust system delivering timely, reliable, and pertinent measurements, tailored to individual user requirements, and driving the best possible performance.

Our services include various techniques encompassing regression models and machine learning to predict individual customer behaviour. These models empower us to understand and anticipate customer actions, including purchase likelihood and churn propensity. Furthermore, we can study Customer Experience, Satisfaction, and NPS data to pinpoint causes of perception change, paving the way for targeted enhancement strategies.

We are pioneers in studying employee data to elevate overall performance. Our data-driven performance management techniques encompass personalised coaching and training strategies. Analysing attrition data uncovers reasons behind employee turnover, enabling businesses to implement effective changes. Speech and text analytics can reveal pathways to enhance colleague performance. We detect sudden performance shifts as opportunities for coaching, yielding improved outcomes and reduced attrition. Our expertise spans omnichannel contact centres, field environments, and remote work settings.

In the pursuit of revenue enhancement, we deploy statistical tools to identify opportunities and estimate their impact. Our models assess end-to-end processes, highlighting avenues for revenue growth through improved sales, streamlined delivery, and optimised customer retention. We also focus on margin preservation, identifying inefficiencies and waste that erode profitability. Our guidance leads to improved commercial outcomes, with detailed roadmaps for success.

Our specialisation lies in understanding and modelling processes, creating accurate representations as robust decision-making tools. These verified models facilitate What If scenarios, enabling the quantification of changes and optimisations. From process adjustments to workflow enhancements, standardisation, automation, and performance improvements, all possibilities are evaluated. Optimal process opportunities are identified, prioritised, and efficiently executed.

Our analysis culminates in comprehensive business cases that transform insights into actionable strategies. These cases holistically evaluate investment needs, leveraging a full spectrum of analysis. In situations of uncertainty, our analysis explores diverse options, providing a clear comprehension of potential commercial outcomes.

Our Client Success Stories - Analytics and Insight

We have significant demonstrable success in improving forecasting accuracy and resource planning in a wide range of industries and applications, including multichannel contact centre, administration centres, field operations, technical back office and knowledge centres. Here are just a few of our successes:

Enabling a US Education Services business to grow revenue without operational cost increase

We were engaged by a leading US-based education services business to identify and help deliver efficiency savings. We analysed and mapped Salesforce activity data across the customer journey. We were able to demonstrate how changes to the student journey could release significant commercial benefit to the business while improving the customer experience. The result was that business was able to absorb the following two years’ revenue growth without increasing resource levels.

Driving high performance at an outsourcer through strict definition of KPIs

We worked for a UK retailer wishing to drive performance across the estate of in-house resource and two outsource providers. Working with the senior leadership team, we selected KPIs that gave the right balance of quality, revenue building and efficiency. We documented the new measures with precise definitions referring to multiple data sources. The KPIs used for performance management of advisors, teams, and sites across the estate. We also constructed a new risk and reward framework. Our specifications were used to create a suite of reports on Qlik delivery platform that drove much-improved performance across virtual estate of in-house and outsourcer contact centres.

Improved accuracy of churn prediction model for Eurozone telco

A European telco identified a need to reduce churn, and we conducted hypothesis testing to determine causes of leaving customers. As part of this project, we critiqued the existing in-house churn prediction machine learning model against best practice. We identified improvement opportunities including actions covering data integrity, variable inclusion, model structure, and model selection criteria. These improvements significantly improved the model’s predictive ability.

Identifying & addressing colleague attrition for an outsourcer

An outsourcing client was concerned at high attrition rates. First we created a robust definition for attrition and demonstrated how it varied over time and across accounts. We gathered multiple data sources, grouping together related leavers to understand learning opportunities. We performed analysis to map attrition reasons. We presented all improvement opportunities, prioritised by both impact and difficulty.

Unlocking statistical relationships between appliance sales and promotional activity

An appliance manufacturer selling directly to customers was finding it difficult to forecast product demand accurately. First, we understood the historical statistical relationships between product demand and various types of promotional activity, including Direct Mail, press ads & TV. Then we used these relationships to boost the accuracy of product forecasts, improving both stock levels and the usefulness of financial forecasts.

Working with us to drive benefits from analytics

At Atlantic Insight, we have a strong approach to delivering Analytics & Insight services that guide our process of uncovering actionable insights and making data-driven decisions.

Discovery and Assessment

We embark on this journey by initiating in-depth consultations to gain a profound understanding of your business goals, challenges, and specific requirements. Through these consultations, we immerse ourselves in your operational landscape and gain insights into your existing data sources and systems.

Data Gathering and Preparation

Our experts identify and gather pertinent data from a range of sources within your organisation. We then apply our expertise to clean, transform, and structure the data, ensuring its accuracy, consistency, and suitability for analysis.

Hypothesis Formulation

Working collaboratively with your team, we formulate hypotheses and questions that are grounded in the insights gleaned from the initial assessment. These hypotheses serve as guiding principles, directing our analytical exploration toward uncovering meaningful insights.

Advanced Analytical Techniques

Leveraging our proficiency in advanced analytics, we apply a suite of techniques that encompass statistical analysis and machine learning. Our experts dive deep into your data, unearthing correlations, patterns, and anomalies that may hold the key to uncovering valuable insights.

Insight Extraction and Interpretation

Through a combination of quantitative and qualitative methods, we extract actionable insights from the analysed data. We then meticulously interpret these findings, placing them in the context of your overarching business objectives to identify opportunities for improvement.

Visualisation and Reporting

Our skilled team of data visualisation specialists crafts compelling visual representations of the insights we've derived. These visuals, comprising graphs, charts, and dashboards, serve as powerful tools to effectively communicate complex findings to stakeholders across your organisation.

Data-Driven Decision-Making

We facilitate interactive sessions wherein we present these insights to your team, highlighting the most critical findings and their potential implications. Collaborative discussions follow, enabling us to collectively prioritise actions that align with the insights, thus facilitating informed decision-making.

Monitoring and Iteration

With strategies in place, we enter the implementation phase closely monitoring the impact of these strategies on performance metrics. This dynamic process incorporates continuous feedback loops, enabling us to iteratively refine and enhance strategies based on real-time insights.

Knowledge Transfer and Empowerment

As we conclude our engagement, we transfer the insights gained during the analysis to your team. This knowledge transfer empowers your team to make sustained data-driven decisions, fostering a culture of ongoing growth and operational excellence.

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