Ground Floor, Adamson House, Towers Business Park, Wilmslow Rd, Manchester M20 2YY

Introducing Ian Brumwell

Partner, Atlantic Insight

Ian Brumwell engages and supports C-suite teams to accelerate the implementation of their strategic objectives. He delivers high impact outcomes that benefit his clients, and their colleagues, customers, and partners.

Management Experience

Ian has held senior roles at Pubmaster (now Punch Taverns) where, as the Retail Director, he led the turnaround of the Managed House Business Division. At Stora Enso as the Factory General Manager Ian transformed the operational performance of a paper convertor; he commenced his career at Macy’s California in retail sales management, distribution and buying.

Consulting Experience

Since 2012 Ian has been a Partner at Atlantic Insight and has built a practice serving, from its UK base, the Telco, Media, Retail, and Technology sectors. Ian previously served as Executive Director and ELT member of Trinity Horne Consulting (now Bearing Point) where he led the Delivery Operations and Business Analytics teams and latterly the Telco, IT & BPO practice. While at Trinity Horne, Ian also designed and developed the Master Coach (now named Active Manager) Learning and Development product which is a combination of training, coaching and structured support for both first line and second line managers.

BPO optimisation

Ian developed the sourcing strategy and managed the ITT process for Content Management function that saved > $15M for a leading NYSE listed publisher.

Operating strategy and operational review

While working with C-suite teams, Ian has led over 80 strategic and operational reviews across the globe both in line management and consulting roles. For a leading U.S Education Services provider Ian led an operating strategy and operational review that identified the productivity of enrolment resource could be improved by >50%. When the recommendations were implemented this enabled revenues and customer accounts to grow for more than three years without the need for further enrolment resource. This equated to >$10M annualised run-rate cost saving against the historic scaling approach. In what is a very capital-intensive business the improved economics enhanced the business case for future investment in organic growth and two further acquisitions.

CX Optimisation

Ian mapped, critiqued the end to end customer journey and then lead the development of the ‘To-Be’ customer journey and business process that eliminated revenue leakage and margin erosion equivalent to £20m for a UK Telco.

Trusted Manager

For a fixed line operator service organisation Ian designed and then lead a leadership learning and development programme for first and second line managers that generated 11% productivity and 9% CSAT improvements.

Disruption Management and Business Turnaround

In a national licenced retail chain following a strategic review, Ian implemented new investment strategies for the asset portfolio and an operational excellence programme that resulted in the rapid turnaround of financially underperforming business. For a BPO IT services provider Ian lead a turnaround programme that recovered a key account’s service performance that was jeopardising the future of £900m IT outsourcing contract. FCR improved by 55%, backlogs were reduced by >95%, CSAT increased by 300% and agent productivity improved by 36%.

Business Transformation

For a global technology company Ian built the case for change and then designed and implemented UK customer care centre. SLA performance improved by 21% and field engineering productivity increased by >15%. Ian executed a business transformation of a global Professional and Trade Publishing Division with revenues c.$500m. The program delivered an annualised P&L improvement of $59M. A client business facing significant market disruption, changing end user behaviours and declining performance was transformed into a growth engine focused on content and tech enabled learning for professionals. Digital revenues increased by 350%.