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BPO Strategy & Optimisation

Elevating BPO excellence: a journey to mutual success

At Atlantic Insight, we can help you optimise BPO operations that build optimum value for both client and provider. Our approach isn’t just about enhancing efficiency, it’s about creating benefit that resonates throughout your business, from the boardroom to the customer.

We recognise that the synergy between outsourcing client and supplier is the key to success. With our BPO Strategy & Optimisation services, we can help nurture a pathway to excellence, where wins translate into shared success.

We have a range of capabilities and services to help clients and suppliers maximise value from an outsourcing partnership. We accelerate and optimise contract performance from bid to delivery.

Many organisations outsource a large part or all of their operation. There are many reasons for doing this, including a desire for increased flexibility, lower cost or enhanced capability. We frequently find clients frustrated with elements of the relationship with their outsourcers, and this may be reflected in, for example, customer satisfaction, quality, process efficiency or resource delivery measures.

We offer a service to both clients and suppliers to raise performance and to encourage the delivery of win-win solutions that provide commercial benefits to both partners. We can help you raise performance of an outsourced operation.

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Empowering BPO Excellence: Our Services

Unlocking optimal performance requires a comprehensive understanding of operational barriers within outsourced operations. Our expertise lies in unravelling these challenges and charting a path towards peak performance. Whether collaborating with client organisations or BPO operators, we analyse cost, resource delivery, customer experience metrics, and efficiency factors. Our expertise spans multiple dimensions, enabling us to swiftly understand the transformation required to change underperforming accounts into profitable ventures. Our services encompass both rapid performance enhancement and long-term partner alignment, translating into clear roadmaps indicating milestone achievements.

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Following our thorough 360° Performance Audit, we excel at designing and implementing Future State Operating Models to usher in desired performance standards.

2a. For Outsourcers:

Balancing client expectations and internal productivity is a challenging task. We can advance your ability as a provider to achieve both by devising expedient plans, guiding implementation, and extracting maximum value from contractual commitments.

2b. For Clients:

In cases where BPO providers are failing, we bring all stakeholders together, translate insights into actionable recommendations, and craft strategic revival plans. Our deep industry expertise, paired with analytical tools, ensures rapid and effective contract turnarounds.

Years of industry engagement empower us to revolutionise resource forecasting and planning within outsourcing. We optimise the existing dynamic between clients and outsourcers, leveraging improved processes, communication, and coaching. Additionally, we empower outsourcers with tailored planning tools to meet account demands. Improved communication, new scheduling methods, advanced expertise, and refined WFM tool usage fuel performance optimisation. Our approach ensures resource planning processes that work well for both client and supplier.

Crafting the perfect set of performance measures is difficult. We carefully select commercial measures, including efficiency, quality, customer experience, and revenue generation – aligned with contractual goals. Our approach ensures consistent measurement definitions across in-house and outsourced teams. Whether initiating a new contract or refining existing metrics, we ensure metrics are right for sustained excellence. Precision in metric definitions is essential for commercial success for both partners – whether you are commencing a contract, or in need of a reset of metrics to boost performance.

Choosing the right pricing mechanism is pivotal in BPO contracts. We steer you toward the optimal method and then customise it to your needs. Our expertise extends to creating incentive structures that galvanise desired behaviours and top-tier performance.

Seizing major outsourcing changes demands expertise. We guide you through strategy shifts, from initial outsourcing to reimagining your BPO landscape. Our support extends to the RFI/ITT processes, helping you choose the perfect BPO partner. We also empower you to craft optimal contract terms, even suggesting opportunities before contract commencement. Our history of negotiation ability ensures a mutually beneficial outcome.

Client Success Stories - BPO Optimisation

We have a great deal of experience leading projects to improve performance in the outsourcing space. We have worked for both clients and BPO vendors. Here are some project initiatives that we have successfully completed:

Helping a BPO improve performance on a IT Services contract

The Divisional Director recognised that the outsourcing business was at risk of stagnating, while also believing that there was significant potential to grow revenues by >25% per year and accelerate profitability at an even faster rate. We conducted a 360° Operational Review to identify and quantify the missed opportunities, design a Future Operating Model to capture the potential and build the business case for improvement. The implementation of best practice operational management disciplines and an end-user centric approach to process improvement generated 5% CSAT and 10% SLA increases, a 62% reduction in complaints, and an operational capacity increase of over 25%. These results enabled the business to beat stretch revenue and profitability targets.

Diagnosis and commercial improvement for a US Content Management & Manufacturing function

Following a 360° Operational Review that highlighted an opportunity to reduce operating cost by >40%, Atlantic Insight were engaged to create the strategic sourcing strategy and then project manage the implementation. This also included writing the ITT and management of ITT process

Improving outsourcer resource delivery for a major UK utility client

A major utility was frustrated by the resource delivery of its outsource partners. We investigated, and found many problems with the planning methods and the invoicing terms. We led initiatives to improve the communication and processes of outsource partner planning. This work led to better OSP delivery, increased service levels, and improved relationship with outsource partners. The project was an important prerequisite for offshoring of outsourced resource.

Transforming commercials for an improved relationship between UK retailer and two outsource partners

We led an initiative to change commercial terms, involving change of charging unit, together with a full review of risk and reward model. The new contract elements provided win-win outcomes for all parties. The outcome was much improved performance, and much improved working relationships between client and outsource providers.

Driving increased revenue through accurate planning of outsourced resource

We worked with a UK retailer who had abandoned over 8% of inbound calls in the previous peak trading period, harming both customer experience and revenue. We worked with client analysts to improve statistical forecasting methods and transformed the planning of overseas BPO resource to meet the estimated resource requirement. The result was significantly improved service levels in peak trading period, meaning lost revenue was much smaller than the previous peak period. We also supported the client to transform pricing mechanism and planning methods of an offshore BPO partner to incentivise improved performance. In another initiative we provided support for building contract schedules for resource planning, performance measurement and risk & reward for the introduction of new offshore outsourcer.

Ensuring accurate resource planning for outsourcer across multiple accounts

An outsourcer was struggling with different methods and processes to plan resource across many accounts. Once we understood the requirements, we created a resource planning tool allowing the business to plan recruitment and account transfers in an accurate and timely manner, along with other advisor parameters, to efficiently meet the flexible demands of their clients. The model we designed optimised the client’s annualised hours flexibility to obtain a close resource match for each account every week.

Driving resource planning improvements across multi-site outsourcer

We led a programme to transform resource planning capability at a UK outsourcer of over 2000FTE. We identified and fixed over 60 process and technique opportunities to drive more accurate resource delivery against client requirements. We project-managed the implementation of Aspect WFM system swiftly and with quality.

Successful and speedy implementation of Teleopti WFM for a growing outsourcer

We were engaged by a UK outsourcer eager to gain benefits of a WFM across its contracts. We created a project plan of all elements that had to be in place for successful WFM rollout. We designed and implemented high-quality interval and weekly planning processes. We also provided coaching support for accurate planning for a new inbound telecoms contract.

Working with Atlantic Insight to achieve BPO excellence

At Atlantic Insight, we believe that effective forecasting and planning are key foundations for operational success. Our comprehensive methodologies are a product of years of expertise, a passion for innovation, and a dedication to unlocking your organisation’s true potential.

In-depth discovery & tailored assessment

Through meticulous exploration, we uncover the intricate workings of your operations, enabling us to identify transformational opportunities. Our expertise in understanding complexities ensures no detail goes unnoticed, laying the groundwork for tailored solutions that drive success.

Strategic roadmapping

Crafting strategic roadmaps is a strength of Atlantic Insight, aligning our strategies with your ambitions. We foster a culture of mutual growth and win-win outcomes, ensuring paths converge towards shared success.

Data-fuelled insights guiding success

Our advanced analytics provide actionable insights that steer both client and supplier towards optimised performance and shared success. With a firm grasp of data dynamics, we navigate the information to shape strategies that elevate the BPO relationship.

Elevating efficiency through tailored enhancements

Refining processes, reducing bottlenecks, and enhancing efficiency are our hallmark strengths. By doing so, we amplify operational output, resulting in benefits.

Precision forecasting and resource planning

Resource planning is a proven strength of Atlantic Insight, aligning forecasts with operational realities to create operational performance excellence. With an understanding of the importance of accurate planning, we craft strategies that ensure mutually beneficial results.

Empowering culture of coaching, feedback & excellence

Nurturing a culture of continuous improvement through coaching and feedback is something we have helped implement and optimise in many businesses. Constructive feedback loops empower both sides, creating growth and excellence in a collaborative way.

Change management & training

Guiding transitions is an area of expertise for us. Amid transformation, we ensure that both parties navigate change with confidence.

Excellence through monitoring & continuous improvement

Vigilant monitoring mechanisms enable us to track progress and guide continuous enhancement. Our commitment to iterative improvement ensures shared success and lasting excellence for both partners.

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