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1. Enhanced customer engagement and experience

  • We apply a powerful lens to your multi-channel customer journeys in order to understand how effectively they deliver the targeted customer experience (across analogue and digital channels). This provides the evidence and actionable insight that unlocks revenue growth and eliminates margin erosion
  • We identify opportunities through the detailed study of both customer and employee behaviours and analysis of market, customer and operational data. This provides the evidence to eliminate, automate, and standardise steps across the customer journey that will simplify and enrich the customer experience.
  • We will design the Future Operating Model that when implemented will deliver the targeted improvements.
  • A clear plan can then be created to build colleague engagement and capability required to effectively deliver effective and simplified customer journeys that are aligned to their preferences.
  • The impact of successful implementation of our recommendations improves the performance of critical operational measures such as FCR rates, CSAT and NPS scores, customer retention rates, and colleague engagement.
  • The financial outcomes are enhanced revenue per customer, reduced cost to acquire and serve the customer, and competitive advantage.

2. Revenue & profitability growth

  • A significant number of our engagements in both B2C and B2B client businesses have been focused on enabling service organisations to improve their operating P&L through transforming the customer experience.
  • These often begin with a ‘Study and Insight’ phase to assess overall operational effectiveness the quality of the customer experience and the level of colleague engagement.
  • When evaluating customer journeys we are seeking to understand and quantify the relationship between service level failure, poor customer experience and sub-optimal colleague effectiveness and engagement with revenue leakage and margin erosion across the customer journey.
  • By studying key ‘cause and effect’ relationships the cost of failure can be established and its impact on the cost to acquire, serve, retain and churn a customer can be quantified.
  • This enables the improvements required to optimize operational investments (where do we spend less, and where do we spend more) to be identified, quantified and prioritized.

3. Converting operating strategy into targeted outcomes

  • Identifying the roadmap required to deliver the future operating strategy is critical to success.
  • By understanding what is really happening across the end to end process the performance gaps between the current operating model and the required operating model can be established.
  • This provides the evidence for change, enables the business case for investment to be written and the roadmap for implementation to be developed.
  • Our teams can actively work with you to implement the identified solutions.
  • In situations where Business Transformation Outsourcing is a key work stream we have written ITTs, supported the vendor response evaluation and selection process, and the transition.

4. Rapid resolution of operating challenges

  • Unresolved operating challenges can rapidly lead to erosion of service level and quality, risk to reputation, revenue and margin, and ultimately loss of market share.
  • Tackling immediate operating challenges is both costly and challenging. Not working with experts to identify the root causes is a false economy and an opportunity lost to convert risk into opportunity.
  • Our approach and methodology tried and tested over 30 years across 200+ operational effectiveness assessments enables the root causes of operating challenges to be rapidly identified, quantified and prioritised.
  • We will then combine our know-how and your teams’ knowledge of the business to develop and agree solutions that address the operational challenges.
  • Outcomes our clients have achieved include rapid resolution of service level and customer experience, forecast accuracy, backlog reduction, customer retention, contact volume reduction, first contact resolution rate, field first time fix, telesales conversion rates, and technology optimisation.

5. Converting digital & technology innovation into operational effectiveness & enhanced customer engagement

  • We have significant experience in knowledge worker environments and contact centre (front office, back office, technical help desk, telesales) and field engineering domains.
  • We understand how to leverage digital and technology to advance customer engagement and employee effectiveness across customer journeys.
  • We have supported new technology implementations and we have significantly increased the benefits from technology by improving adoption and adherence levels and by simplifying and aligning customer journeys.
  • We have enabled organisations to transform from analogue to digital for effective and effortless customer journeys and experience.
  • In situations where Business Transformation Outsourcing through technology is a key work stream we have written ITT and supported the vendor response evaluation and selection process.

6. Effective operational integration while de-risking the delivery of pre-acquisition business targets

  • It is critical to align any integration approach and plan to the vision of the future and the rationale that underpins the deal and the sources of value creation.
  • Prior to commencing any integration we will work the ELT to understand all assumptions underpinning the deal in order to develop the integration plan.
  • We will perform an operational effectiveness assessment to evidence existing opportunities and identify new opportunities including ‘Quick Wins’ for value creation before finalizing any implementation plan that delivers the ‘future state’ operating model. This includes both combinational and transformational opportunities.
  • A clear set of metrics is developed that defines what a successful outcome looks like for each opportunity identified.
  • We apply tried and tested planning and transition frameworks that balance the need for capturing the financial and operational benefits from integration and creation of scalable and resilient operating models with the need to deliver ‘business as usual’ (BAU) stakeholder targets (i.e. those set before any acquisition).
  • Work stream charters are created.
  • Stakeholder communication and risk management plans are developed as part of the Change Management Approach and managed on a short interval basis during the transition.
  • Our seven step change management process is tailored and applied to each engagement. This is based on Kotter’s steps outlined in his book Leading Change.

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