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Helping you to improve the performance of your customer-facing and support organisations through the eyes of the customer and the business and its employees.

On this page are the services we offer, helping you to improve the performance of your customer-facing operation.

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1. Study & Actionable Insight

In a targeted ‘Study and Insight’ engagement we will work with your team to identify the barriers to doing more with less, quantify the potential for improvement, define the target operating model and build a risk assessed and costed roadmap for implementation.

Over 30 years the Atlantic Insight team have developed proprietary set of reference models and tools that that we tailor and apply to meet the engagement’s objectives.

We engage effectively, empathetically and meaningfully at all levels within the operation in order to build the real picture of how effectively customer journeys operate and engage the customer.

The output of a Study is an evidence-based improvement plan that can be used to guide a subsequent improvement project.

A study can take many forms, including an Operational Effectiveness Assessment, a Customer Journey Evaluation or maybe targeted at a specific challenge that needs rapid resolution or a growth opportunity that is being missed. Please see our Case Studies to learn how Atlantic Insight have delivered significant value to our previous clients.

2. Operating Strategy Implementation

How many service organisations have failed not because of poor operating strategies but as a result of poor execution? We have a heritage of successful implementation either as a result an initial ‘study’ or as result of client initiative that needs Programme Management Support / specific specialist skills.

We have a seven step approach to helping clients manage successful change which underpins all our projects. At the start, we define the desired outcomes and identify the key stakeholders. We place a great priority on the need to engage effectively with all levels and roles within the organisation, not just the Leadership Team. Our skill and knowledge enables clients to run with their strategy and develop detailed risk assessed implementation plans. We have considerable experience of project management and delivery of desired outcomes, with experience of both PRINCE2 and Six Sigma approaches. We have successfully set up and managed Programme Management Offices / work streams that have delivered successful and resilient outcomes aligned to the vision and strategic objectives.

3. Operational Capability Development

We can help you quickly build effective capabilities that are missing or that require training, coaching and support. Atlantic Insight has deep knowledge of the application of Forecasting and Resource Planning, Quality Management, Management Information, Business Intelligence, Team Leader Coaching, Performance Improvement, Recruitment and Training. We have a demonstrable track record of successfully coaching your teams and employees to learn and acquire new skills and knowledge.

4. Organisation Review and Design

In our many years of supporting operational areas, we have acquired great understanding and insight about structures that nurture performance and success. This also includes a focus on the optimum responsibilities of team leaders within an operational area. We can help you define winning structures for specialised support staff and shared services, which can bring conflict and performance barriers if not designed effectively. We believe effective structures deliver both improved performance and reduced costs.

5. Resource Management

A key component of maximising customer service and optimising operational cost is Resource Management. It encompasses a number of capabilities, including Accurate Forecasting, Estimating Resource Requirement, Scheduling and Resource Planning, Real Time Workflow Management and Management Control. We have unrivalled expertise in these areas, based on both postgraduate academic research and decades of experience maximising forecasting accuracy in operational environments.

6. Analytics, Modelling & Decision Support

We are expert practitioners in the application of sophisticated & proprietorial analytics and modelling techniques to help organisations make better informed, evidence based decisions. One of our partners, Philip Stubbs, is a leading practitioner of Operational Research, the application of mathematics and statistics to solve management and operational problems. We offer a large range of modelling services including (but not restricted to) Data Analysis, Multiple Regression, Logistic Regression, Queueing Theory and Simulation. Yet despite our strong modelling expertise, we often find that the most compelling insights come from applying simple techniques to your data, combined with our substantial operational improvement experience.

7. Technology Optimisation

Although we do not sell technology, we often partner operations that are not leveraging the full potential of digital and technology solutions to effectively enable customer journeys and deliver customer service and experience objectives. We have been responsible for identifying the need for technology; supporting the selection process; solution design; solution implementation; and also post-implementation optimisation. We work with clients to ensure that the full benefit of technologies are realised.

8. Customer Journey Optimisation

A customer centric approach to performance improvement

We frequently discover that customer facing organisations are not set up to serve their customers in a way that is aligned to the customers’ preferences. This leads to revenue leakage and margin erosion.

Technology innovations have changed customer behaviours and expectations and have resulted in new business models that require effective multi-channel customer journeys and engagement strategies.

Understanding and critically evaluating how effectively a customer can discover, access, successfully engage with your business is critical to delivering both their success and yours. It’s a win-win outcome – new customers and better retention rates and reduced cost to acquire and serve the customer due to improved conversion rates, ease and speed of engagement and lower failure rates.

With your teams we process map customer journeys to understand how they can more effectively deliver better outcomes for all customer personas and stakeholder groups. This process ,liis supported by the analysis of potentially millions of data points (both internal and external sources) to establish the performance of the current process and to support the identification of missed opportunities for improvement. We observe in detail to understand how key customer facing roles engage with the customer and how effectively the operating environment (people, process, system, culture) supports the delivery of successful outcomes.

The output is an evidence based and insight driven future state operating model, roadmap for implementation and business case for change

Our approach enables organisations to walk the talk when they state that the customer is at the centre of everything they do.

We are dedicated to supporting businesses optimise all customer touch points. Here are some of our services that support our ability to evaluate and design customer journeys through both a business lens (inside out) and the customer lens (outside in):

Voice of customer

  • Mystery shopping
  • Customer feedback acquisition and analysis
  • Competitor benchmarking

Customer metrics & compliance

  • Process study
  • Customer experience balanced set of metrics design
  • Interaction revenue optimisation
  • Process compliance measures and definitions

Managed services

  • Process compliance quality assurance
  • Regulatory compliance quality assurance

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