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Better, faster and smarter.

We combine expertise and experience with our proprietary approach and toolkit. All our team possess both management and consulting experience and are therefore well equipped to solve complex operational challenges.

We provide clients with certainty in overcoming challenge or seizing opportunity. We rapidly pinpoint, with accuracy, the moves that will make real impact both in the short term and the long term. The new ways of working that are implemented during the intervention result in operational resilience and an improved level of operational maturity.

In today’s uncertain world if you need certainty in solving complex challenges better, faster, and smarter - then Atlantic Insight can help.

Our Capabilities

360° Operational Review
We help clients quickly understand the current performance of their operation, identify the barriers to performance and quantify the potential for improvement. Our evidence-based approach quickly builds consensus, which is essential for the fast and meaningful change required to perform a turnaround.

The focus can then be given to the development of an improvement programme that will address the operational challenges. A set of quick wins will create early momentum. In a matter of weeks your team will be solving operational challenges and exploiting opportunities that deliver real improvements to quality and the customer experience, reduce cost and unlock revenue growth.

360° Operations Strategy Review and Operating Model Design
Companies with a coherent operations strategy and plan consistent with their overall business strategy achieve higher business performance than those without.

We work with your senior management team to review your current strategy to ensure it reflects top management’s expectations of your operation and covers:

  1. The role of your operation in contributing to the strategic objectives of the business
  2. How the business objectives translate into your operational objectives
  3. How your operational resources need to be managed to achieve these operational objectives
  4. Your performance improvement initiatives

We also review current people and technology capabilities, organisational structure, and performance, then support the development of a detailed roadmap to ensure the strategy is implemented and the objectives are achieved.

Our approach delivers clarity around:

  1. Purpose, direction, and objectives
  2. Performance improvement initiatives
  3. Contribution to corporate competitiveness

BPO contract performance turnaround (acceleration)
Many organisations have considerable frustration with poor performance in outsourced operations over which they have no direct control. We have significant experience of accelerating the performance of outsourcing contracts, providing win-win solutions for vendor, client and also the customer of the service provider. For more detail, see our BPO Optimisation page.

Post-merger integration | Accelerated value creation
Achieving value from a merger or a new acquisition is hardly a guarantee. We can help you identify the path to achieve the targeted value creation, plan the programme of work and then successfully implement.

Service Operations Fast Turnaround
The turnaround of a failing service operation requires experience, know-how and a tried & tested approach and methodology, not to mention mettle, to ensure success.

We have restored the performance of service operations in meltdown, be they contact centres, technical back office, IT service desk, remote working, field or knowledge worker environments across the world. We are quickly able to identify, prioritise and implement solutions that make the biggest impact.

We make improvements happen through people, working with them to significantly improve financial and operational performance.

Accelerated Transformation Framework
We have been engaged often to increase the rate and scale of change either because there has been a slow and or ineffective response to marketplace disruption or due to a failing transformation programme, or need to have certainty in change to deliver strategic objectives. Our approach follows a seven step change management to successfully accelerate strategy implementation.

  1. Create the need for change
  2. Identify the programme leadership team
  3. Define vision, goals, tactics and roadmap
  4. Communicate vision, approach, timelines and benefits
  5. Implement, monitor, evaluate and refine
  6. Assess risks and issues to deliver BAU targets and build plan to offset
  7. Sustain change and start again

The above seven steps leverage tried and tested capabilities from across our service offering.

Management Operating System | Operational discipline
A Management Operating System is a structured and best practice approach to operational management – demand forecasting, resource planning, scheduling, workforce management, and reporting

For an operation to be resilient and responsive and have the capability to utilise its resources effectively it needs a Management Operating System How resilient and effectively managed are the resources within your business being managed?

We can help your business to recognise, understand, activate, and perfect its Management Operating Systems. See Management Operating Systems in Transformation.

Turnaround PMO setup and management
We can set up and manage your Turnaround PMO and ensure that you avoid the pitfalls that lead to programme failure. Our approach, methodologies and toolsets are designed to ensure that your transformation programme delivers the targeted outcomes for all stakeholder groups – accurately and on time.


Our engagements provide clients with certainty in overcoming challenge or seizing opportunity. We pinpoint with accuracy the moves that make the real impact both in the short term and the long term. The new ways of working that are implemented during the engagement result in operational resilience.

Our team have successfully prevented BPO house from accruing eye-watering financial penalties due to service level failure when transitioning new high value outsource contracts. A failure to manage their customer’s unrealistic expectations and their own unsound operational assumptions leads to increasing levels of customer complaints, service level meltdown and significant financial losses, not to mention risk to reputation. Ultimately it is weak operational disciplines that cause the ineffective demand forecasting and resource planning processes and ineffective work and performance management routines that contribute to a low level of operational resilience.

A leading Education Services division was struggling to obtain further investment as the rate of growth was slowing and due to slow progress in improving operating margins. We designed a new operating model that would quickly deliver a significant reduction in the cost of student, increase competitive advantage, and restore ELT confidence. The improved economics enabled further acquisition in the sector to be justified and the division doubling in size.

A successful business’s management were at risk of becoming complacent due to historical successes. The ELT were concerned about this impacting the rate of profitable growth as they were convinced that there were opportunities to increase productivity by a further 30%+. We were engaged to identify the opportunities, obtain buy in from the management team and then implement new operational capacity management disciplines that would enable growth to be absorbed with minimal additional resource.

The rate of market disruption caused one of our clients to be suddenly facing catastrophic declines in revenue and profitability. After an initial operating strategy review we created a three year transformation plan that enabled the Core business to be managed for margin and enabled the newly defined services and solutions business to be managed for growth funded by Core business.

Our experience

UK telco and media company
Following a 360° operational review to diagnose the root causes of service level failure, implemented a contact centre recovery programme. Read more in this case study.

Global Professional and Trade publisher
A division of a global publisher had been slow to react to technology led market disruption and was facing an accelerating decline in revenues and operating margin. Atlantic Insight was engaged to accelerate the rate of transformation.

Test prep and certification business
Developed an accelerated growth plan to enable a test prep and certification business to better combat the market dominance of established players and grow market share.

Global BPO IT services provider
A £900m IT services outsourcing deal was in jeopardy. Following a Recovery Programme FCR increased by >50% and 300% CSAT improvement for global BPO IT services provider.

National Licensed Retailer
Following a strategy and operational effectiveness assessment, implemented new investment strategy and operational excellence programme to rapidly turnaround financially underperforming division of national licensed retailer.

To find out how we can help you accelerate the turnaround of underperforming business assets, please contact us for a discussion of your problems and opportunities.

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