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Transforming data into insight, enabling problems to be solved and opportunities to be exploited.

Effective decision making with confidence. Using leading technologies and best practice approaches, we can unlock the insight that enables knowledge to be gained, hypotheses tested and performance boosted.

Within your organisation, you may believe there is an opportunity to improve operational performance, yet you are unable to pinpoint the causes of the inefficiencies. Perhaps performance measurement systems are in place, but they do not drive the required performance.

We are expert practitioners in the application of analytics and modelling techniques to help organisations make better informed, evidence-based decisions to improve operational performance. We can review and improve your existing reporting, analysis and modelling capability.

We have an extensive background in Operational Research - the application of modelling/analysis techniques to solve management and operational problems. Such techniques can unlock commercial benefits through optimum decision-making, efficient processes and revenue generation.

We maintain a network of analyst associates, so no matter what technique is best to achieve the outcome, we can provide the expertise to unlock the benefits.

We see our role as performing complex analysis and then creating widespread understanding. We then place its benefits in the hands of all operational areas. We love to produce compelling visualisations of opportunities and solutions. We pride ourselves in our ability to use analysis and evidence to demonstrate a clear way forward to commercial improvement.

We can help you improve your operation by transforming your data into insight.

Our Capabilities

KPI Selection & Definition
After establishing a thorough understanding of your data and objectives, we recommend a balanced set of KPIs that drive excellent performance.

We strictly define KPIs using mathematical formulas specifying exactly which database elements should be used. This provides detailed instruction to help with speedy and accurate report creation.

We work with you to select KPIs, which taken together should maximise quality, efficiency and revenue generation. The strict definitions, and combination of measures, will ensure that alternative pathways are eliminated.

Measurement Delivery
We can work with you to determine what to display on each report - and who should have access to what report - in order to drive the right behaviours within the operation to maximise performance.

We also recommend the best reporting platform for automated delivery of the measures to drive optimum performance.

The result should be a robust system containing the relevant, timely and reliable measurements, tailored to the user.

Data Mining & Analysis
We are skilled at examining and analysing data sets – both large and small - and prising out meaningful nuggets of insight that can be used to improve performance.

We have significant experience in generating and testing hypotheses to determine the validity of anecdotal claims. We can build models that identify factors driving good or poor performance and that explain what levers should be pulled to drive the best results.

We also are passionate about creating compelling visualisations of data to share the insight and make the case for change.

Customer Analytics
We have created and improved models that predict outcomes on a customer-by-customer basis. We have significant experience of building regression models, ad hoc models and applying Machine Learning methods where appropriate to improve accuracy.

Such models can understand customer behaviour and predict their future propensity to behave in a particular way, for example their likelihood to purchase goods, or whether they are likely to churn.

We can also analyse Customer Experience/Customer Satisfaction/NPS data to identify the causes of perception decline in order to develop improvement recommendations.

Colleague Analytics
The study of employee data offers a great opportunity to boost performance, and this is an area we can be of great help.

We can devise data-driven performance management techniques for more effective results. For example, we can cluster colleagues according to the specific coaching and training that they need to improve performance.

We have studied attrition data for businesses and identified the main reasons for employees leaving, which has helped businesses implement the right change and reduce the loss of skilled staff.

Bringing insight from speech and text analytics opens the door to new opportunities for improving colleague performance. We can help you work out which data and which methods are useful to improving performance in your particular environment.

We can also help reveal how sudden changes in performance or activity can suggest changes in colleague behaviour. This is extremely useful insight that can be a prompt for coaching, which can improve performance and minimise attrition.

Our analysis of colleague data covers the omnichannel contact centre, field environments and forms of remote working. It can transform the way that colleagues are managed by leadership.

Revenue & Margin Optimisation
Where you perceive that revenue could be improved, we can find the right statistical tools to identify the opportunities and estimate their size.

We have modelled revenue erosion across an end-to-end process, identifying opportunities to build more revenue by more effective selling, less delivery non-conformance and optimise customer retention.

We also focus on margin erosion – for example identifying wastage arising from causes such as non-conformance costs; billing errors; dealing with a high number of returns; fulfilment errors; and failure to fix first time.

We help you identify better commercial outcomes, and provide a detailed road map on how to achieve the benefits.

Process Modelling
We can study any process, or combination of processes, and create a model that mirrors the process itself. This may be a spreadsheet tool, or alternatively a simulation model may be necessary to mimic the system’s behaviour effectively.

Once we have created a model and its accuracy has been verified, it can be used for What If modelling, to determine the impact of assumption changes. Such changes may include process changes, workflow changes, standardisation, work automation/elimination or colleague performance improvements.

The result is that the optimum process opportunities can be quantified, prioritised and then implemented.

Business Case Analysis
We have created many business cases incorporating our analysis work. All of the types of analysis above may highlight the need for significant investment, and we can convert the analysis into a commercial evaluation of an opportunity.

Where there is uncertainty, we can use our analysis to examine the commercial results from a range of options.


The potential benefits resulting from an Atlantic Insight Data, Analytics & Insight initiative are enormous:

  • Ensuring that performance measurement can bring cost benefits and potential for revenue growth.
  • Application of analytics techniques to colleague performance can significantly improve operational performance, leading to revenue increase and cost reduction.
  • Insight from customer analysis can lead to significant improvements in customer satisfaction and opportunities for revenue growth.

Our experience

We have delivered many successful outcomes using modelling/analysis techniques. We are passionate about how complex modelling techniques can reveal valuable learnings from your data. We love using compelling visualisations to share insight as widely as possible.

We have the ability to help you achieve the desired commercial benefits – and we have many examples of where we have done just that.

Online Programme Management
For a leading US-based education services business we analysed and mapped over one million data points from the Salesforce activity database to the customer journey. We were able to demonstrate how changes to the student journey could release significant commercial benefit to the business while improving the customer experience. As a result the business was able to absorb the following two years’ revenue growth without increasing resource levels.

Major Global Publisher
Conducted content portfolio analysis. Re-structured content acquisition strategy to align with corporate strategy and market opportunity.

National Telco
Mapped and critically evaluated the end-to-end customer journey that identified revenue leakage and margin erosion improvement opportunities equivalent to £20m. Developed ‘To-Be’ journey to capture opportunity.

Market-leading Telco
Analysis of individual customer data investigating the causes of churn experienced by a telco, including hypothesis testing to determine the causes of churn. The existing in-house churn prediction model, based on Machine Learning, was critiqued against best practice. Improvement opportunities were identified covering data integrity, variable inclusion, model structure, and model selection criteria. Improvements significantly improved the model's predictive ability.

UK Outsourcer
We conducted a study to strictly define attrition, and measure it with drilldown capability. Automated reporting of attrition was specified. Significant analysis performed to map attrition reasons and present opportunities prioritised by impact and difficulty.

UK Retailer
Selection of KPIs and precise definition with reference to elements of data tables. KPIs used for performance management of advisors, teams, and sites across the estate, some of which were outsourced. Specifications used to create suite of reports on Qlik delivery platform that drove excellent performance across in-house and outsourcer contact centres.

Please contact us if you would like to discuss how analysis and modelling techniques can help you achieve improved performance. We would be delighted to speak with you and understand more about the opportunities within your organisation.


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