Customer Experience Optimisation

A customer-centric approach to performance improvement.

We enable businesses to identify and eliminate the root causes of poor customer experience that adversely impact customer loyalty and the likelihood to recommend, and cause revenue leakage and margin erosion. Our approach considers all elements of an operating environment that impact the ability to deliver winning customer outcomes cost-effectively.

We frequently discover that customer facing organisations are not set up to serve their customers in a way that is aligned to customers’ preferences.

By walking the end-to-end journey in the shoes of the customer we create a unique perspective from which to identity issues and design solutions that take your teams and business to the next level.

Understanding and critically evaluating how effectively a customer can discover, access, successfully engage with your business is critical to delivering both their success and yours. It is a win-win outcome – delighted existing customers, more new customers, and reduced cost to acquire and serve the customer due to improved conversion rates, ease and speed of engagement and lower failure rates.

We have a 40-element CX methodology to review your organisation’s current capability and focus. It incorporates: Vision, Strategy & Culture, Insight & Research, Offering, Analytics, Process & Systems, Measurement and Operational Excellence. Performing each of these elements well can lead to a World Class customer journey and customer experience.

Our approach enables organisations to genuinely place the customer at the heart of everything they do and drive performance improvement.

Now is the time to protect existing market share and build a plan that captures new market share through CX Optimisation.

Our Capabilities

CX Strategy
To guide your CX strategies, we first help you define your CX vision of the future and strategic objectives.

Developing a CX strategy is the best way to increase loyalty, reduce churn, foster innovation, and improve business value. We can help you define your target audiences and personas, SMART CX goals and the CX strategy that delivers the goals, and the CX measures that inform progress and performance.

The new CX Strategy will layout the framework for the ideal customer experience, functions as a model for employee activities and enables departments across the business to avoid working in silos with conflicting objectives and initiatives

CX effectiveness / maturity assessment
In a matter of weeks, we can generate the data-driven insights that inform customer service and experience enhancement opportunities across the end to end customer journey that will deliver the highest value improvement opportunities by customer segment, channel, and journey step.

Over the last 20 years we have developed Atlantic Insight CX Maturity Assessment. Through comparison to best practice we evidence what needs to change and then model the operational and financial impact of each change.

We create a set of recommendations to capture the improvement opportunities, develop the ‘Future State’ and develop an implementation roadmap and business case.

Customer journey optimisation
Collaborating with your teams we will map the ‘As-Is’ customer journey and identify the gaps between the experience expected by the customer and that delivered. Potentially millions of data points are collected and analysed to evidence, quantify, and prioritise the improvement opportunities.

We then use design thinking to develop winning customer journeys and investment strategies to optimise differentiation and return.

CX measurement and dashboard
The measurement of Customer Experience is crucial in ensuring that you gain a true understanding of the actual CX, and then to help establish how to improve it.

We can define and align a balanced set of hierarchical KPIs / metrics to your business imperatives and desired culture / employee behaviours. We then work with your team to automate and embed the CX measurements within a robust business reporting platform.

We will select the measurements that are aligned to strategic objectives and improvement initiatives. These may include NPS, CSAT, FTR, Customer Lifetime Value indicators and other metrics.

We support the implementation by designing the training and coaching programme to enable colleagues to think and act differently when using the new reports.

CX Analytics
We transform data into actionable insight at pace. This enables a better understanding of the customer, supports informed decision making, and targeted and effective investment.

We are expert practitioners; the combination of our proprietary methodologies, know-how and best in class technologies enables us to deliver insights that enable improvements to be made with confidence.

We collect, structure, and analyse data from across the organisation to uncover previously hidden insights. We apply a variety of analytical techniques including:

  1. Root Cause Analysis to unlock CX improvements
  2. Customer behaviour predictive analytics
  3. Non and low added value demand elimination
  4. Translate the social media messaging activity into a clear voice of the customer insight that enables action to be taken that remediates customer dissatisfaction and captures opportunities
  5. Understanding variation in historical demand volumes
  6. Customer segmentation using behavioural analysis and personas definition
  7. Customer communications analysis to assess the impact of marketing activity (effectiveness of mail, outbound, email), and the response to other customer communication
  8. Customer service analysis – letter, email, SMS, chat

Our objective, wherever possible, is to identify and target the changes that deliver the biggest ‘win-win-win’ outcomes for the customer, colleagues, and business.

Operating Model and Org. Design
As processes, products and services evolve, they often become spread across divisions and departments. This can result in different parts of the business improving their own performance at the expense of the overall business process. Ultimately the biggest loser is the customer experience caused by clunky customer journeys. Whenever operations are not structured around their key processes a better operating model and organisation structure can be designed to deliver a winning CX.

We lead your senior management team through the design of a new operating model and organisation structure combining our tried and tested methodologies with their knowledge and experience of the business.

The benefits are business processes that have clear owners, run more effectively and deliver a better customer experience. Clear accountability exists for the performance of all parts of the operation. Teams have clear roles & responsibilities, and spans of control.

Voice of the Customer
Voice of the Customer capability can be provided either as a ‘one-off’ to support a specific engagement or as a Managed Service. We have the following capabilities:

  • Mystery shopping
  • Customer feedback acquisition and analysis
  • Competitor benchmarking
  • Quality assurance

Furthermore, we have encountered many organisations that do not adequately audit their outsourcing partners at key stages of the relationship. Such a failure leaves money on the table and increases operational and reputational risk.

Knowledge management system optimisation
Knowledge management systems are one of the key enablers of colleague productivity and engagement, yet we find opportunities are frequently missed to optimise the return from investments in knowledge management technology

We have extensive experience of curating and improving content relevance and quality on knowledge management systems.

CX transformation
How many service organisations have failed not because of poor operating strategies but from poor execution? We have many examples of successful implementation either following an initial diagnosis or as result of a client initiative that needs Programme Management Support / specific specialist skills.

We have successfully set up and managed Programme Management Offices or individual work streams within an existing client PMO.

Our project management methodology and tool set are aligned to PRINCE2 and select process improvement methodologies based on client need.


Collaborating with Atlantic Insight on a CX Optimisation project will bring:

  • Increased customer satisfaction and net promoter scores
  • Increased customer retention, likelihood to recommend and customer lifetime value, all of which contribute to improved revenue
  • Reduced unit cost to acquire, serve and retain a customer
  • Improved employee experience and increased retention

Our experience

We have successfully applied our methodology and approaches across a wide range of industries and applications including media, telco, e-learning, and education services. Here are some examples of projects that we have successfully completed:

US leading OPM business
For a leading global Online Programme Management provider conducted student customer journey effectiveness assessment which enabled the cost of student acquisition to be reduced and customer interactions to be both simplified and aligned to their preferences.

UK Telco
For a leading UK Telco mapped and critiqued the end to end customer journey to identify revenue leakage and margin erosion improvement opportunities equivalent to £20m.

Global E-learning Provider
For a US-based education business we designed and then modelled different student journeys options to derive a solution that was better to student preferences while also positively business profitability.

To find out how we can help you improve optimise the customer experience, please contact us for a discussion of your problems and opportunities.

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