Case Study: Mystery Shopping for a large UK telco

Quarterly high street mystery shopping campaigns for a national telco delivering CX and process compliance metrics identifying training and process improvement opportunities

1. Client Benefits

  • Nationwide insight to their customers instore experience and their employees adherence to the ‘Sales Journey’ framework designed to maximise revenue potential
  • Atlantic Insight, after their initial engagement have now been retained throughout 2019 – 2020 to continually monitor and report on national customer engagement and process compliance

2. Introduction to Project

  • Our client is part of a global brand that retails media services that include cable television and mobile cellular phones. They operate 100+ high street stores throughout the UK including Northern Ireland. The brand is synonymous with high end retail in the UK and their customers demand first class service.
  • In late 2019 the brand created and rolled out a new sales journey framework to their store network, designed to increase customer engagement, sales conversion and cross selling of their multi-channel services
  • Atlantic Insight in partnership with the client, designed a bespoke customer experience/process compliance survey to objectively measure the adoption and effectiveness of the new sales journey framework at individual store and regional management level

3. Solution

  • Bespoke digital surveys were created to objectively measure in-store CX and process compliance
  • Agents were selected from a database of over 4000 mystery shopping agents to survey 80 national stores and mall based kiosks from Cornwall to Dundee
  • A reporting suite was created to score CX and process at each stage of the customer ‘Sales Journey’ from initial contact through to resolution
  • The survey results were broken down by area, store and survey category e.g. staff, merchandising, sales process etc. with store performance ranked top to bottom
  • Data from the surveys were evaluated alongside existing sales performance and NPS data sets that identified further training and process improvement opportunities

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