Case Study: Implementation of Performance Benchmarking into a Multichannel Centre

Multichannel customer insight and competitor benchmarking program delivering improved customer engagement and market benchmarks.

1. Client Benefits

  • The results were presented to the client in both executive summary and data rich formats that allowed them to benchmark their customer experience performance internally and within market context.
  • Time to navigate IVR was reduced by 25% for the customers
  • Skills gaps for services were identified allowing the client to put in place targeted coaching

2. Introduction to Project

  • An Atlantic Insight partner was engaged to objectively measure customer feedback across voice and digital platforms for a UK media company and two of their competitors.
  • The client is a British company that provides people with information about their options for receiving terrestrial TV and advice on reception and equipment. The company also handles day-to-day technical management of the Electronic Programme Guide (EPG), allocates channel numbers and manages the launch of new services and multiplexes onto the platform.
  • The objective was to benchmark the client’s performance versus their competitors and provide recommendations to improve the quality and effectiveness of their customer engagement strategy.

3. Solution

  • Channel specific digital CX surveys and engagement scenarios were created.
  • Agents were selected from a database of over 4000 mystery shopping agents to record over 300 interactions with our clients and their nearest competitor’s customer service centres.
  • A reporting suite was created to score CX at each stage of the customer journey from initial contact through to resolution
  • Opportunities were observed to streamline processes, increase speed of service and improve the customer experience

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