Case Study: Introduction of Quality Standards for a Prestige Retailer

Design and implementation of CX and regulatory compliance quality standards at a multichannel contact centre of a globally-recognised prestige retailer.

1. Client Benefits

  • The client was able to target key service differentiation factors from their nearest competitors realising significant potential to capture market share
  • The client was able to leverage a class leading combination of people, process and tools to enhance the customers multichannel experience
  • A reporting suite to monitor quality standards at individual, team and channel level
  • Skills gaps for services were identified allowing the client to put in place targeted coaching

2. Introduction to Project

  • An Atlantic Insight partner designed and project managed the introduction of multichannel quality standards for a new 80FTE contact centre in Edinburgh
  • The client is a globally renowned prestige retail company that selling luxury clothing and homewares through a national chain of stores and online
  • The brand is synonymous with high end retail in the UK and their customers demand first class service.
  • The objective was to benchmark the client’s performance versus their competitors through a targeted mystery shopping programme and using the findings, design and implement a set of multichannel quality assurance standards for their contact centre

3. Solution

  • Channel specific digital CX surveys and engagement scenarios were created.
  • Agents were selected from a database of over 4000 mystery shopping agents to record over 300 interactions with our clients and their nearest competitor’s customer service centres.
  • A reporting suite was created to score CX at each stage of the customer journey from initial contact through to resolution
  • Opportunities were observed to streamline processes, increase speed of service and improve the customer experience
  • We worked with the client analysing their contact types and customer service processes and aligning these to their company values
  • We created bespoke standards unique to each contact channel and process along with supporting materials such as the contact centre ‘Standards Companion’
  • Accompanying the standards, we built a suite of Excel based management information reports to track and identify performance trends
  • Throughout 2015 we worked onsite supporting the rollout and day to management of the new standards including leading the initial calibration sessions

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