Accelerated Colleague Performance

We believe that successful businesses achieve innovation and performance through their people.

Accelerated Colleague Performance (ACP) is a people centric approach to operational improvement.

ACP wins hearts and minds and drives innovation and performance that positively impacts the bottom line through people. ACP is designed to engage and upskill front line colleagues and management teams to achieve ambitious performance improvements. We work side by side with clients to tailor the content and approach so that it is aligned to programme objectives and targeted outcome. Most of our team are former clients so not only have they walked in the client’s shoes, they have the wisdom to effectively communicate concepts based on actual experience.

We believe that line managers are key implementers of successful change. This is based on our extensive experience of engaging and working with this management community to innovate and improve the performance of their teams. Yet line managers are usually recruited from the ranks and typically have had no effective training in leading teams. Our High Performance Leadership programme for line managers combines training, coaching and side by side support required to successfully learn and apply new ways of working. Practical application is critical for colleagues to develop the belief, skills, and knowledge they need to succeed. The most successful individuals, teams, and businesses never stop learning.

We are currently in a health and economic crisis which will require an unprecedented level change and new ways of working. First and second line management are the key to successful and sustainable change. We need to quickly ensure that they are equipped with the right knowledge, skills, tools, and mindset to successfully lead their teams.

Our Capabilities

Colleague Performance Management Framework
The most successful businesses invest in their colleagues and create an environment which enables them to succeed. We collaborate with our clients to design and implement performance management frameworks that significantly improve colleague productivity.

Our performance management framework has the following key elements, all of which are designed to enable colleague performance and retention through the creation of an amazing place to work.

Steering framework
Communicating mission and purpose across the business and taking every opportunity to help teams and individuals understand how they contribute is critical. Reinforcing this with a clear plan of how the business is investing in people will build trust in the leadership.

A business’s strategic plan should guide what capabilities need to be developed – new, more of, less of and none. It should also indicate the targeted performance levels of key roles within each capability for key metrics. These metrics should then cascade through the organisation as a set of hierarchical KPIs and link performance management to business objectives.

Monitoring and evaluation processes
Fit for purpose evidence-based monitoring and evaluation mechanisms are essential for consistent and constructive team and individual development. We have tried and tested processes and templates that can be tailored to our clients’ needs.

Line Management - To achieve optimum performance, line management should spend at least 70% of their time actively managing their teams including coaching, development planning and clear goal setting. We can also help you specify which tasks should be performed by line management, and which tasks to perform by support teams.

Support Teams - It is essential to get the support team structure right, and we have significant insight into and experience of designing teams, restructuring and recruiting into such teams (e.g. Project Management, Quality Analyst, Resource Planning, Process Analyst, Management Information, Workflow Analyst).

Front Line Colleagues - We believe that roles should clearly define the behaviours and mindsets, skills, and competencies required to succeed in the role and enable successful recruitment.

Learning and Development
Creating a high impact learning culture that offers both self and formal development to enable colleagues to be performant and grow in their current role but also have the opportunity for career growth across other paths.

Reward and Recognition
A recognition rich culture and merit based reward mechanisms create productive environments.

KPI Selection & Definition
We have specific skill in selecting the appropriate measures that drive the strategic objectives of the operation, and ensuring that they are immediately highly visible. See Data, Analytics and Insight

Colleague Engagement and Experience
We believe that a great colleague experience is a critical component of attracting, recruiting, developing, and retaining the right talent.

Simply put, the colleague experience is how an organisation wants their colleagues to feel and behave as a result of interactions with the organisation at different times in their career. This includes their work, how they are managed, the environment in which they work, the opportunity for personal growth, their trust in the leadership and their overall wellbeing.

We collaborate with you to develop a colleague journey that will create the targeted colleague experience at every step from becoming aware about a job opening to become alumni.

For example, we can help you refine your recruitment and onboarding processes. This will help to ensure all is being done to select the best performers; welcome and engage new starters; and maximise performance in the early stage of the employee journey.

Working with us will also help to reduce recruitment dropouts and minimise early stage leavers, both of which represent a large proportion of overall attrition within the operation. We can help you identify the reasons for early-stage attrition, and work with you to implement solutions.

Engagement Surveys
With more employees working remotely, it has never been more important that the voice of all employees is heard. This means understanding their engagement, satisfaction levels and views on a wide range of issues.

Our survey technology enables a multi-channel approach to colleague surveys. We have expertise in selecting the right questions, measurement structure and can advise on frequency (annual and pulse) and depth.

Our approach is analytics based and is focused on providing frequent feedback and driving behaviour change.

Knowledge Management System
We can help select, implement, or develop Knowledge Management Systems, which can be a major source of poor performance and employee dissatisfaction. See Customer Experience Optimisation

High Performance Leadership
We enable management to innovate, lead, and deliver.

All successful transformations are vision and mission led. Business transformations fail when the required behavioural and competency changes amongst management and their teams are not understood from the outset and do not take place.

Critical to any transformation programme or change initiative is the need to change the mind-sets and behaviours of the people within the business.

Line management are the key implementers of successful change, yet they invariably have not been provided with the knowledge, skills, tools, and confidence to succeed in their roles, let alone manage change.

Our tried and tested High Performance Leadership programme equips first and second line management with the knowledge, skills, and tools they need to succeed in their role as both a manager and a change agent.

Organisation Structure Review & Design
For a business to perform to its potential, it needs the right organisation structure. We design structures that able businesses to respond to market disruptions and new working environments such as homeworking.

As processes, products and services evolve and change, they often become spread across different divisions or departments. This can result in different parts of the business improving their own performance at the expense of the overall business process. Whenever operations are not structured around their key processes, or there is confusion over ownership and accountability, a better management structure is possible.

We lead your senior management team through the design of a new management structure, marrying our tried and tested methodologies with their knowledge and experience of the business. We develop and optimal structure by establishing the goals to be achieved in conducting the structural change, weighting them in terms of relative importance to each other, and then developing alternative structures that meet the goals. These are then evaluated in conjunction with the associated risks to come up with an agreed future structure.

The optimised structure is justified by compelling logic with clear spans of control and accountability for all parts of the operation.


Collaborating with Atlantic Insight either on a targeted intervention or wider transformation to accelerate colleague performance can lead to:

A colleague experience that is an enabler rather than a barrier to performance

A more capable, confident, and motivated management team

An Operating model that is aligned to corporate purpose and strategic objectives

Measurable improvements in operational performance including Customer Satisfaction and Net Promoter scores, quality, and cost.

Increased customer lifetime value

A performance management process that drives ongoing operational improvements

Colleague development that delivers a tangible ROI

Our experience

We have had extensive success in improving colleague engagement and performance in across a wide range of sales and operational domains, industries, and applications. Here are some of our stories:

Telco Post-Acquisition Integration
Implementation of a Performance Management Framework to improved advisor productivity by 27%. Designed and implemented fit for purpose Support Services function including structure, processes and tools.

Contact Centre Consolidation
A newly formed customer service organisation implemented a high impact leadership development programme to improve CSAT while at the same time reducing the cost to serve by £15m+s.

Global technology conglomerate
A division of a global tech company was given the task of conducting a proof of concept for the company’s new customer service organisation. After an initial 360 Operational Review to understand the size of opportunity we developed the new Operating Model and organisation structure, designed, and set up the Model Service Centre including new business processes, management operating system and leadership development programme.

Leading global IT Services Provider
Following a 360° Operations Strategy Review, implemented new Management Operating System that resulted in stepped improvements in Work stack backlogs, colleague productivity, CSAT, FCR, On Time and Delivery resulting in profitability stretch targets being beaten by 40%.

To find out how we can help you accelerate colleague performance, please contact us for a discussion of your challenges and opportunities.


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