Business Transformation

Never has the need to adapt better and faster been essential to survive and win in the current marketplace. Our engagements have enabled clients to respond to marketplace disruption through successful business transformation or a targeted intervention.

At Atlantic Insight we believe passionately that the most successful businesses, teams, and individuals never stop learning. Our passion is helping individuals, teams, and businesses to identify and rapidly realise their potential.

We have earned a reputation for enabling sustainable operational improvement to happen through people by working with them to solve complex operational challenges and then to design and implement solutions that dramatically improve operational effectiveness, customer loyalty and satisfaction, sales and profitability.

The current health and economic crises mean that businesses need to re-imagine their relationships with their customers, their people, key stakeholders, and wider society. The winners will be those who have the greatest ability to learn and translate their knowledge into successful outcomes. Why not contact Atlantic Insight to understand how we can support your future transformations?

Our Capabilities

Accelerated Operations Management
Accelerated Operations Management (AOM) integrates our capabilities into a single powerful transformation approach. AOM is a framework for a set of capabilities which are designed to accelerate the improvement of effectiveness, CSAT and NPS, colleague engagement in Operation functions.

Our approach typically commences with an Operations Strategy and or Operational Review which quantifies in detail the potential for improvement within a business and develops a tailored improvement programme based on the breadth of capability that AOM represents.

We have capabilities that are designed to optimise each component of an Operations function.

Operations Strategy
360° Operations Strategy Review and Operating Model Design
360° Operational Review

Operating model design
Organisation structure design

Management Process
Management Operating System
Forecasting and Planning
KPIs and Insight
Disruption Management and Turnaround

Customer Journey Analytics and Optimisation
Customer Engagement and Experience Optimisation
Voice of the Customer
BPO optimisation

Accelerated Colleague Performance
Colleague Engagement and Experience Optimisation
High Performance Leadership

Technology optimisation

Intelligent process optimisation and digitisation
How effectively do your business processes deliver targeted customer outcomes? Has the process design been informed by customer preferences and do they ensure a seamless customer journey across all channels?

We select and apply best-of-breed process improvement tools, techniques and technologies that will most effectively solve the targeted process improvement challenge. All opportunities to improve customer interactions and outcomes through digitisation will be captured.

We commence by conducting a review of the processes in question to determine the potential for improvement. The results are used to establish management commitment and design a vision of the future. We believe that for successful change implementation the envisioned changes must be driven from within the business; they must have the buy in of those involved in the processes on a day to day basis so we set up Process Improvement Teams who are coached in our methodology, tools and techniques. Working with these teams we:

1. Identify the improvement opportunity 2. Define the improvement team, the process and the process’ customers 3. Measure key indicators of efficiency and effectiveness 4. Analyse the data to establish RCA of the problems that need improvement 5. Implement the process improvements 6. Manage and sustain performance and repeat cycle

We work to develop and establish a culture of Continuous Improvement amongst the teams in the business so that ultimately the cycle can be repeated.

Management Operating Systems
If a business has effective operational management disciplines, the more resilient it is in the face of market disruption. We are experts in Management Operating Systems, that robustly enable resources across the end-to-end process to be deployed and managed effectively. A Management Operating System comprises the systems, structures, work processes and behaviours that come together to make a business, division or team work effectively.

Every business has a Management Operating System, however very few recognise it for what it is – the central nervous system that controls whether or not the business delivers on its commitments in a proactive, customer focused and cost effective manner.

We can help your business to recognise, understand, activate, and perfect its Management Operating Systems.

PMO set up and management
Atlantic Insight provides Certainty in Change. We can set up and manage your PMO, lead a work stream within the PMO or advise the PMO. Our Accelerated Transformation Framework (change management framework) guides and supports our clients adhere to the key steps and requirements of a successful change programme.

Our tried and tested approach, methodologies and toolsets are designed to ensure that your transformation programme delivers the targeted outcomes for all stakeholder groups on time.

High Performance Leadership
‘A system is not a substitute for management action’

We enable management to innovate, lead, and deliver.

All successful transformations are vision and mission led. Business transformations fail when the required behavioural and competency changes amongst management and their teams are not understood from the outset and do not take place.

Critical to any transformation programme or change initiative is the need to change the mind-sets and behaviours of the people within the business.

Line management are the key implementers of successful change, yet they invariably have not been provided with the knowledge, skills, tools and confidence to succeed in their roles, let alone manage change.

Our proven High Performance Leadership programme equips first and second line management with the knowledge, skills, and tools they need to succeed in their role as both a manager and a change agent.

We work side by side with management to enable them to become confident in the application of the new ways of thinking and working and ultimately to succeed.

High Performance Leadership is a learning and development programme that yields a tangible ROI.


We have delivered operational transformation across the world with engagements lasting anywhere between 6 months to 5 years. Our team are expert practitioners; they deliver real and lasting change. Our engagements have delivered benefits such as:

  • EBITDA increase
  • Product portfolio investment strategies that grow revenue
  • New operating models that reduced cost of customer acquisition and cost to serve
  • EPS growth
  • Profitability improvement that restores confidence in sector and justifies the increased levels of funding to support growth
  • CSAT and CX as competitive advantage

Our experience

Global technology conglomerate
Executed new Service strategy through the design and implementation of UK customer care centre for global technology company.

UK media and telco provider
Set up and managed PMO to accelerate network expansion build programme. Build plan recovered & record build levels achieved.

Global IT services provider
Implemented best practice operational management disciplines and led business process improvement / contact reduction programme.

Leading Education and Research business
Four year transformation of traditional global professional and trade publishing division into content services and solutions business.

To find out how we can help you make your change initiatives better, faster and smarter, please contact us for a discussion of your problems and opportunities.

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