BPO Optimisation

We have a range of capabilities and services to help clients and suppliers maximise value from an outsourcing partnership. We accelerate and optimise contract performance from bid to delivery.

Many organisations outsource a large part or all of their operation. There are many reasons for doing this, including a desire for increased flexibility, lower cost or enhanced capability. We frequently find clients to be dissatisfied with their outsourcers, and this may be reflected in measures such as customer satisfaction, quality, process efficiency, resource delivery or speed of answer measures.

We offer a service to both clients and suppliers to raise performance and to encourage the delivery of win-win solutions that provide commercial benefits to both partners.

We can help you raise performance of an outsourced operation.

Our Capabilities

360° Performance Audit
We are experts in understanding the barriers to performance within an outsourced operation. We can help you identify the steps needed to perform well.

Working either for client organisations or for BPO operators themselves, we can understand current challenges, identify solutions and collaborate with all stakeholders to create a plan to improve.

Problems may exist across a range of measures, for example cost, resource delivery, customer experience scores like NPS, or efficiency.

We can perform this task for a BPO operator with an urgent need to improve performance quickly. If an account is loss-making for an outsource partner, we can help you identify the steps needed to return to profitability.

Alternatively, we can complete an audit for a client seeking quick improvements from a BPO provider or conduct a strategy review for a client seeking to understand their partner’s capability to meet long term requirements.

We study all aspects of the contract performance and identify root causes. We then quantify the performance impact of the issues we identify, which we express in commercial terms. We then identify steps needed to achieve peak performance.

The output is a clear road map for both client and outsourcer on how to perform to targeted milestone objectives.

Performance Improvement & Turnaround
Following a 360° Performance Audit, we can help you design and implement a Future State Operating Model to capture improvements so that desired target levels of performance are achieved.

For Service Provider (BPO House)
As a BPO house, you may be seeking to balance the delivery of client quality, service and customer experience targets, with the need to improve colleague productivity and drive down unit costs. We can accelerate the delivery of both those imperatives. We can rapidly build a plan, support the implementation and maximise the value of the remainder of the contract.

For Client
There are occasions when a BPO house is failing to deliver targeted outcomes. We can work with all parties to develop the actionable insights that can be developed into a set of recommendations and an improvement plan.

A combination of unrealistic expectations and operational assumptions contributing to ineffective forecasting and planning is one of the most frequent causes of service level failure that requires remedy.

We have a demonstrable track record of delivery. We combine deep industry and functional expertise, rooted within both line-management and consulting experience, with proprietary analytical tools and approaches to partner your teams in the rapid and effective turnaround of underperforming contracts.

Resource Planning Improvement
We are experts in the different forecasting and planning methods deployed in outsourcing, built from many years of working for both clients and suppliers.

We can review the resource planning methods that exist between client and outsourcer. We can recommend improvements, help gain consensus across all stakeholders and then implement.

Such changes may include frequency of communication of requirements, information exchanged, building new process and using coaching/training to boost expertise.

We can also work with outsourcers to implement the correct planning tools and processes to meet the demand of a new or existing account. This may involve creating new scheduling patterns, building expertise and/or improving the use of the WFM tool.

Performance Measurement
We are experts in the selection and definition of performance measures for outsourcing. Selected measures require strict definitions, requiring precise references to specific items from database tables.

A balanced set of measures should be chosen reflecting efficiency, quality, customer experience and revenue generation - aligned to desired performance / strategic objectives of contract.

Precise selection of measures is important to maximise performance. It is essential to avoid the alternative pathways, which occur when an outsourcer achieves targets on poorly-defined measures, despite performing poorly.

We strongly believe that the same measurement definitions and reporting systems should be in place for advisors, whether they are in-house or at an outsourcer location. We have experience in the delivery of delivery mechanisms that are identical whether advisor is in-house or at an outsourcer location.

We can support with measurement initiatives whether you are setting up a new contract, or reviewing existing measures mid-contract.

Pricing & Incentives
There are many types of pricing mechanism for BPO Contracts, including Cost Plus, Fixed Fee and Pay As You Go/Cost per Unit.

We can help you select the optimum method and then tailor it to your requirement. We can help you ensure that incentives mechanisms are created to drive the desired behaviours and performance.

BPO Transformation, including RFI & ITT Support
We can help clients with simplifying major changes in outsourcing strategy.

For example, we can help you implement outsourcing for the first time or to transform your existing outsourcing strategy, for example by altering the proportion of outsourced resource. You may wish to change supplier – perhaps offshoring. You may wish to make amendments to existing pricing or commercial terms in the contract.

We can assist with the RFI/ITT processes to help you select the best BPO partner. We can also advise you achieving the best commercial outcome from your outsourcing contract – for example whether there are opportunities to seize prior to commencement of an outsourcing contract.

We have significant experience in specifying and writing contract terms, and negotiating with other parties in order to achieve the optimum solutions for mutual benefit.


There are considerable commercial benefits from outsourcing, yet these are at risk if performance is poor. We can help clients and BPO providers make improvements so that performance is optimised and both parties achieve excellent commercial results.

For clients, we can help you achieve the best from your outsource provider – making sure that target KPIs are achieved, thus contributing to your commercial performance and value as a business.

For a BPO provider, we can help you achieve profitability by achieving targets required for incentive payments. We can help you avoid costly penalty payments, and we can help you maintain income from contracts.

Our Experience

We have a great deal of experience leading projects to improve BPO performance. We have worked for both clients and BPO vendors. Here are some project initiatives that we have successfully completed:

BPO IT Services
The Divisional Director recognised that the outsourcing business was at risk of stagnating, while also believing that there was significant potential to grow revenues by >25% per year and accelerate profitability at an even faster rate. We conducted a 360° Operational Review to identify and quantify the missed opportunities, design a Future Operating Model to capture the potential and build the business case for improvement. The implementation of best practice operational management disciplines and an end-user centric approach to process improvement generated 5% CSAT and 10% SLA increases, a 62% reduction in complaints, and an operational capacity increase of over 25%. These results enabled the business to beat stretch revenue and profitability targets.

BPO IT Service desks
Key account recovery. A £500m+ IT outsourcing contract was in extreme jeopardy due to operational performance significantly below targeted levels. Following a 360° Operational Review and operational improvement programme, FCR increased by >50%, CSAT by 300% and agent productivity improved by >35%. Performance penalties were avoided and risk to reputation was successfully mitigated.

UK Utility
Transformation of OSP planning through improvements of planning tools and processes. This work led to increased service levels, better OSP delivery and improved relationship with outsource partners. The project was an important prerequisite for offshoring of outsourced resource.

Catalogue and online retailer 1
Led initiative to change commercial terms, involving change of charging unit, and full review of risk and reward model. On behalf of the business, led negotiations for planning & performance considerations of outsourcing existing in-house work to a new outsourcer.

Catalogue and online retailer 2
Collaborated with client to transform planning of BPO resource to significantly improve service levels in peak trading period. Supported client to transform pricing mechanism and planning methods of offshore BPO partner to improve performance. Also provided support for building contract schedules for resource planning, performance measurement and risk & reward for the introduction of new offshore outsourcer.

UK Outsourcer 1
We completed a number of planning and performance projects for an outsourcer, including creation of a resource planning tool allowing the business to plan recruitment, annualised hours parameters and shrinkage to efficiently meet the flexible demands of their clients.

UK Outsourcer 2
Major improvement of Resource Planning capability, implementing over 60 process and technique improvements to drive improved resource delivery against client requirements. Project management of Aspect WFM implementation across 2000+ advisor FTE.

UK Outsourcer 3
Project management of implementation of Teleopti WFM to boost inbound planning capability. Design and implementation of weekly planning processes, plus leadership coaching for a new inbound telecoms contract.

US Content Management and Manufacturing function
Following a 360° Operational Review that highlighted an opportunity to reduce operating cost by >40% Atlantic Insight were engaged to create the strategic sourcing strategy and then project manage the implementation. This also included writing the ITT and management of ITT process

To find out how we can help you develop winning BPO strategies and performance improvement, please contact us for a discussion of your challenges and opportunities.

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