360° Operational Review

Do you know how effective your organisation could be? Do you know how much potential for improvement exists within the business?

Identifying and realising that potential is the challenge that every leader faces at a time of unprecedented marketplace disruption resulting in changing customer behaviours and preferences.

Do you need to understand the impact and find a solution to the market disruption caused by a crisis such as a pandemic on your business and re-imagine the future?

A 360° Operational Review is the diagnosis that will bring clarity, focus, confidence, and speed to issuing a prescription that will deliver results.

A 360° Operational Review typically takes four to six weeks, depending on size and complexity. Each review is different but follows a proven methodology and leverages evidence-based insight and analytical techniques developed in over eighty reviews that we have performed. Our team works alongside your staff and does not interfere with day-to-day operations.

The combination of both industry and domain expertise ensures that we can bring insight from both a customer and business perspective, to every challenge and opportunity.

The data we collect from all stakeholder groups enables us to critically evaluate and establish the performance of your current business, identify the issues impacting performance, and quantify the potential for improvement. A key feature is commercial modelling of proposed improvements, demonstrating impact on key financial measures such as Unit Cost, Revenue and Productivity.

Working with your team we agree the findings and then translate the insights into a set of recommendations and Future State Operating Model.

On agreement of the recommendations, we work with you to develop a cost-effective improvement programme (the business case) and the implementation roadmap that will deliver the Future State model.

We have a proven methodology developed over the last twenty years. Our partner Ian Brumwell has led of over eighty 360° Operational Reviews across the globe.

The level of current market disruption has significant economic consequences for all businesses.

If you wish to build a plan to mitigate market risk and capture the opportunities now is the time to schedule a 360° operational review.

A 360° Operational Review can be used in a variety of situations:

  • Businesses seeing major declines in sales levels and / or margin erosions
  • A business in a crisis that requires in a matter of weeks a turnaround plan that targets the most effective routes to performance
  • Businesses operating in markets experiencing significant disruption and changing customer behaviours and expectations
  • Well-performing companies that are at risk of stagnating and that need to identify future improvements
  • Recent organisation changes, mergers and acquisitions that have not delivered targeted benefits
  • Underperforming businesses that have operational challenges that are not being solved
  • Service organisations that are not growth drivers
  • Businesses that need to identify cost savings to fund required investments in new capabilities that support growth
  • An operation that has undergone significant growth, and has not yet established an effective operating model that enables its cost base to grow at a slower rate than revenue


A roadmap to results - aligned with corporate strategy & targets

  • An evidence-based insight into how your operation currently functions and performs
  • Barriers to performance and missed opportunities evidenced
  • Potential for improvement by performance driver quantified
  • Recommendations written and prioritised, based on ease of implementation and size of opportunity
  • Quick Wins programme to generate early momentum prepared
  • Future State Operating Model defined to capture the benefits
  • Business case, programme charter and roadmap for sustainable positive change developed
  • Management team aligned and on board


Our unique approach enables an objective insight into the issues that are directly impacting both customer satisfaction and operational effectiveness to be obtained in four to six weeks depending on size and complexity.

  • You get an objective view of how your business operates
  • You receive an evidence-based guide to the improvement potential within your business quantified in operational and financial terms
  • You know which area to improve, and by how much, allowing meaningful priorities to be set which are consistent with internal improvement targets and corporate statements of intent
  • A 360° Operational Review will typically highlight and quantify improvement opportunities to increase revenue, customer lifetime value and loyalty, quality and productivity and reduce cost to acquire, serve and retain a customer

Our experience

US E-learning Education business
Identified opportunity to flip sales and support model by reducing field sales resources by 50% whilst increasing post-sales support by 100%. Reduction in lost revenue, enhanced NPS and 25% baseline cost reduction.

Market leading US Online Programme Management business
For an Online Programme Management provider owned by a US Education and Research business Atlantic Insight identified how to reduce the costs of student acquisition by over 50% through the implementation of a new operating model.

Global IT Services Provider
A fast-growing IT services provider needed to increase productivity by a minimum of 25%. A 360° operational effectiveness assessment evidenced ‘where’, ‘how much’, ‘why’ and ‘how’.

Professional & Trade Publishing Division
For a business confronted by significant market disruption we developed and then implemented a plan to align cost base to market opportunity and create $50m headroom for investment in growth sectors

E-learning | Test Prep and Certification business
Developed an accelerated growth plan which would enable the division to better combat the market dominance of established players and grow market share to accelerate the path to $100m in revenues

Global Tech company | Service organisation
A leading global company wished to assess the impact of implementing their Service organisation of the future. The 360° operational review highlighted the opportunity to improve back office productivity by >30%, front office service level performance by >20% and field productivity by >15% and provided a detailed roadmap to implement the future state Service business.

To find out how a 360° Operational Review can help you improve performance as you navigate the challenges and the opportunities presented by crises such as COVID-19, please contact us for a discussion of your problems and opportunities.

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